ICON of NEPAL Facebook Page has been created to share the extra ordinary stories of millions of Nepalese working abroad.

We will post a new story every couple of days of these dedicated, compassionate and altruistic ICONS. These are the stories of everyday ordinary people of their extra ordinary achievements, their triumph over obstacles and how they cope with emotional, mental and physical pain and sorrow.

This platform is non political, but we will stand as one voice, so that when we create pandemonium for the betterment of a greater good our voices will be heard in the streets of our cities, alleys of our villages, offices of manpower companies and even the Parliament House. These are the stories of people like you and me.

Please send your stories to Facebook Message Box. Your stories may be modified to fit our page and corrected for general audiences. Due to the overwhelming request, we may or may not be able to post all your stories. When we post your story, we will notify you.

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